Rewild Portrait Experience: The Wild Catlins

Kassandra Lynne

Rewild Portrait Experience: The Wild Catlins


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Are you feeling inspired to find your wild?

The Rewild Portrait Experience is not just another photoshoot – it's a chance to peel back the layers of self and explore the parts of you that are wanting to come to the surface. This is an opportunity to express your deepest desires and needs unapologetically, allowing the very essence of your being to radiate outwards. Through this experience, you can dive deep and discover different aspects of yourself, explore your core values, and play creatively with expressing yourself authentically.

We create a brave and courageous space that inspires safety within and around you, so you can feel at ease during this experience of raw vulnerability. Being in front of the camera can be a source of trauma for many, but we are experts in making sure that you feel comfortable and relaxed, allowing for real transformation to take place.

During the Rewild Portrait Experience, you can reconnect with nature, yourself, and even your partner if they decide to join you. This is a 1:1 experience that includes online work leading up to your session to help guide you on the path of self-connection, self-development, empowerment, and embodiment. It's a chance to change the lens through which you view yourself.

Inspired by my work doing boudoir photography for women & my background in health/wellness, my sessions have transformed into a luxurious and primal experience that taps into your wild instincts. You'll be able to express yourself however you feel in a safe, warm, and inviting environment, with access to secluded wilderness right outside your front or back door.

This experience has been transformative and powerful for many of our clients. You'll have the opportunity to rediscover and reclaim parts of yourself that you had forgotten about or never knew you had. Rewild your soul and unearth the goddess within. See yourself through another person's eyes and witness the beauty and fierceness that you hold. Some clients have described this experience as a way to find self forgiveness, self acceptance and really cultivate a renewed sense of direction in their lives. A truly empowering adventure that is only accessible when we push the edges of our comfort zones.

Join us for an incredible adventure amongst the wild coast and lush rainforest of The Catlins. We'll be based on an amazing private property with native forest, waterfalls, and private beach access, giving us the opportunity to reconnect with nature. Our location is not only remote, but it's pure off-grid luxury, providing a beautiful setting for your session both inside and out amongst the elements.

Traditional indoor boudoir and wild portraits in nature are available for these sessions. We can start with boudoir in the bedroom and then work our way up to getting a taste of the wild, bathing in the forest and waterfalls, feeling the sand between our toes, and the ocean waves washing over us.

I'll be there to guide you every step of the way, helping you work into poses, chatting with you about life and where you are at in your journey, and creating beautiful moments for you to cherish on camera. This experience is not only transformative, but also fun and approachable, bringing a unique spin to the term self-development!

Are you ready to unleash your wild?
Set aside 4 hours for this adventure session and join us for an unforgettable experience!

Want to know more?

Here are a few more FAQs:

What is a Rewild Portrait Session you ask?

Rewild to me is a ceremony of coming home to oneself. Reconnecting from within. Mixing this element with the style of boudoir photography both indoors and in nature is what really delivers such a transformational experience. When it comes to boudoir photography poses, it is a more sensual, intimate look into you. Focusing on your mood, your expressions, your clothing (or lack of) and the landscape of your body. The style is playful and provocative, yet extremely empowering. It enables those photographed to give off a strong presence. Nudity is implied yet rarely shown. These shoots are generally taken in a more private setting such as a home or outdoors in remote, secluded areas. I take care of the location to make sure lighting is on point and the place has character. I also have outdoor education qualifications, am a first aid instructor and general nature enthusiast, so you are in experienced hand when it comes to our wild adventures in nature. I think it is so important to connect to the environment around us and I find this work super powerful & rewarding.

Why would I do a Rewild shoot?

Many reasons! To celebrate you, your relationship, your beauty, your sexy, your love for life, reclaim a part of yourself lost from past or present trauma, step outside the box, etc. A photo session like this can evoke confidence you didn't know you had. Stepping outside of our comfort zones is the best way to start cultivating confidence & transcending limiting beliefs. Pushing the edges of our comfort zone is where true growth happens.

From past experience I can say that every client that has walked in for a boudoir session has been very nervous, and as the shoot goes on, the sassy confidence comes out... Every client I've had has left the set with a skip in their step and feeling amazing, honestly. Every client I've worked with has also braved the elements with me and done something outside of their comfort zone, because they felt safe enough and empowered to do so.

It's a brave thing to do, getting in front of the camera of a stranger and bare it all whether you're indoors or outdoors. But I promise, I make it super fun and easy going... because I've also done a bit of work in front of the camera and know how it feels. I wouldn't have you do something I've never done. I'm with you the whole way.

Other reasons to get your sexy on?

Because you deserve self care, love yourself a little! Have some laughs and spend a few hours focused on you, pampered and getting to play dress up in a sweet location. Become inspired by the world around you and notice the simple, yet poignant signs of nature.

You could also be celebrating a huge milestone in life? Getting married? A set of boudoir photos or a nice album is a lovely gift for your partner and for you to remember how awesome you really are. Plus you can create some edgy art for your home, you never know.

This is also a great time to reclaim your body from whatever may have happened along your journey... Life throws us crazy twists and turns, but also gives us lots of opportunity to reclaim what is ours and fully embrace what it is to be alive. Awaken that self empowered divine goddess within.

This might also be the opportunity you never knew you were waiting for to have some fun with the one you love and explore your connection with each other and with nature. A beautiful celebration of your love!

Right! So are you in?!

If so, here's how it goes.... You book in your time and we organise everything from there. Location is secret until deposit is received and then we give you the goods. We will help you start this journey of cultivating confidence with an initial survey of your current stories & beliefs, reflecting on what is coming to the surface at this time in your life. The more detail we have the better we can cater your session for you.

You'll be given a list of things to bring which usually includes a suitcase full of anything you could possibly imagine from lingerie, robes, t-shirt, gowns, jewelry, furs, rugs, blankets, hats, etc... the list goes on and on. You will also be provided with a step by step plan to help you prepare for the big day along with an outline of the adventure we are about to embark upon.

Once you arrive, you'll be hanging out with my makeup artist and hair stylist for the next hour or so. She'll discuss with you prior to the day what sort of makeup/looks you are after and while you are getting pampered I'll be rummaging through your suitcase pulling out things we can use... I usually try to create about 3 to 4 looks for the shoot.
After hair and makeup, then it's photo time and things get exciting. The shoot itself takes about 2 to 3 hours and I direct you and coach you through it. It's really so much fun, and one of my favourite types of photography simply because it is so rewarding watching the transformation of my clients.

After your shoot, processing times for the photos are within 2 to 4 days you'll have 4 sneak peek photos to froth over and then the full set will be ready for you in 4 weeks time delivered via Dropbox and USB.

What is the investment?

$1550 per client OR $1750 for couples session

Your Rewild Portrait Experience Package Includes:

- 5 Hours Session time including Makeup & Getting Ready - (feel free to bring your own hair styling equipment to the venue)
- Traditional Boudoir Session / Indoors
- Luxury Venue
- Adventure Boudoir/ Rewild Session / Outdoors
- Private Waterfalls, Beach, & Forest on site
- Bath Session (option for Milk bath, Fruits & Herbs, or Bubble bath)
- 1:1 Coaching / Pre-consult on Zoom Or in person if available (1 Hour)
- Reflections questions / Self development work
- Exploring Values & Setting Intentions Workshop
- Creative Processing / Planning
- Wardrobe Assistance & Styling
- 300+ Fully Edited Images delivered in both colour & Black/white styles
- Complimentary drinks & nibbles
- Mindfulness & Meditation Guiding
- Cold Water Immersion
- The time of your life! ;)
Mini Rewild Portrait Experience -  $750 (includes all of the above, but your session is 1 hour for the photography.)
Express your golden goddess essence with a mini session at Tahakopa Bay. Session includes makeup & hair styling & a 1 Hour Photo session on the beach at Tahakopa Bay.

**Accomodation can be provided for an additional cost onsite at the Catlins Coastal Hideaway, a luxury cabin on site. (rate is $470 per night)

- ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: Stunning Photo Album created via Momento Pro (starting at
$950), Framed Print including matting and mounting from The Photo Gallery at cost/ depends on size and frame chosen (custom framing starting at $350), Prints Package Valued at $350.

Where and When?

The heart of The Catlins, not far from Papatowai on a massive 600+ hectare property that we are free to roam on called Tahakopa Bay Retreat.

Dates/Times Available:
25th April- 9 a.m. & 1 p.m. 
26th April- 830 a.m. & (afternoon booked)
27th April- 830 a.m. & 1 p.m. 
Mini sessions can be fit in throughout the day, just PM for timings. 

If you're keen, just get in touch here on private messenger or the event page...

Or email me at

50% deposit due at time of booking or payment plan by arrangement. We have very flexible payment plans available, feel free to inquire within.

Afterpay available/visit our shopify website, Payment arrangements and Gift Vouchers available.

Any questions?

Fire them through as well... We look forward to meeting you and creating some beautiful memories!

Book in quick, these spots will fill up quickly.

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