Meet Kassandra

Meet Kassandra

Your Adventure Awaits

My name is Kassandra which interestingly carries a touch of Greek mythology in its meaning. A woman cursed with the ability to foresee the future but no one would ever believe her prophecies. The name of someone whose accurate predictions are not believed. A gentle nudge if you will, or reminder to stand firm in our truth, even when others may doubt us. 🫣😳

You can also call me Kass. 🤣

When I’m not behind the camera or the computer, you can find me hosting Rewild Women’s Retreats as the founder & CEO of The Rewild Legacy. Rewild Retreats is a not-for-profit organization aimed at helping women explore creative avenues of personal development, healing, challenging outdoor adventures, meaningful connection and self awareness. This work is something that is really close to my heart. If you’d like to know more about the wild adventures we get up to in Aotearoa, check us out on Facebook or Instagram.

My other passions include archery, adventuring in the backcountry with my scruffy pups & scruffy Dutchman, and embracing the magic of life in general. Finding the joy in the moment & creating space for deep & meaningful connections is what I thrive for because this is the space in which I feel most alive.

kassandra lynne photography
Kassandra Lynne
Beach Photoshoot Family
Kassandra Lynne Photography
Kassandra Lynne
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Kassandra & the Aurora
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kassandra lynne photography

I'm a visual storyteller, photographer, nature guide, scuba dive instructor, free dive & all the things water enthusiast, artist & intuitive coach that is inspired to help others rediscover their passion & purpose in life. I have an extensive background in movement, mindfulness & embodiment practices such as yoga, breathwork, past life progression & guided meditation. There is a trauma informed twist threaded into each of my offerings which creates a foundation layered with safety & compassionate support. A photographer by trade, I've found my soul purpose in holding space for women & couples for intimate portrait sessions. These sessions are more than just mere photos, they are stories from the soul. The power of boudoir / fine art portrait photography allows one to be vulnerable, yet safe, & encourages the subject to express themselves authentically, however that feels at the time.

Through many trainings, courses, & a well lived life experience I guide individuals gently along their own path. Cultivating a sense of curiosity & awareness through engagement of the five senses I help you redefine & get clear on what your truth is & how it feels to you. I ask the questions: How can we move about our lives using our senses? How can we tap into how this moment makes us feel in more ways than one? How can you describe where emotions & memories sit in your body? How can we connect to that creative part of us? How can we better understand how we move through this world, how we interact with it? How can we forgive & accept ourselves? How can we embrace each moment as it is? And how can we shift the patterns, beliefs, and stories we’ve created over time & over lifetimes to better serve us?

You may wonder what these questions have to do with photography, but I can tell you now that having your photo taken is often a vulnerable experience for many of us layered with elements of insecurity, self doubt, and an overarching feeling of needing to meet expectations. I like to put a positive spin on this and help my clients feel at home in front of the camera and give them space to truly be themselves. It is a chance for us to be seen, for our love to be seen, for our story to be told. These questions I ask weave themselves into my wedding photography, family portrait sessions, boudoir photography, and even creative content.

These moments that we decide to document are important chapters in our lives and are worthy of becoming true art. This to me is what makes this work have a sacred element to it, we are co-creating art & having a full on sensory experience while we do so.