1:1 Offerings

1:1 Offerings

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Exploring Your Values & Setting Intentions

1 Hour (on zoom or in person) - $100 NZD per person
Group Sessions Available / 2 Hours - $450 NZD (max group of 10)
Values Cards Set Included

When was the last time you thought about what you truly desired in life? Do you know what your everyday values are? Do you know what values you aspire to embody? Bringing some focus and priority to what means most to you can really help shift the narrative that may be limiting you in your current life. Truly knowing our core values at this point in time can really help us make better decisions and honor our boundaries.

This one hour workshop dives deep into your innermost needs and desires, exploring what might be your most meaningful way of showing up for yourself.

Past Life Progression Session

Allow up to 2 - 4 Hours for the experience - $240 NZD

This session is a way in which we can delve into the root causes of current unhealthy patterns, negative thoughts, stories, beliefs, karmic cycles, and unresolved situations that continue to affect your daily life. We start each session with a conversation to understand what is coming to the surface for you at this point in time and how you would like to set the intention for your journey. These sessions are not a tour of past lives but more of a tool to get to the origins & understanding of a current challenge so that you may ground that understanding & resolution back into this current time & place.

Using resourcing tools & guided meditation to establish a safe place for you, we begin a transition to a visual and/or sensory journey where you will recount to me all that you see, hear, and feel. This is not hypnosis, you are coming up with the story and I am simply asking questions and taking notes along the way. It’s almost as if you are watching a movie and you are the star of the show. You can pause, rewind, stop, fast forward to get to the good bits and understand why you have been brought to this place. From there, you come to a moment of significant decision where you can change the course of action to embody a new way of being. An opportunity to rewrite your soul’s history in a way and allowing this change to be felt across time, in your cells, your DNA, and in the cosmic consciousness.

I understand some may be skeptical of this, as was I, but our minds are powerful tools. Our mind cannot tell the difference between a thought & reality and we are very good at getting caught in the trap of overthinking most situations. Whatever does come up for you, whether it be a past life or a stream of consciousness, it will have been for the highest intent and the good of your soul’s journey. The intention of these sessions is for your personal growth & to acquire a deeper understanding of self, your greatest desires, needs, and a useful tool in overcoming fears & phobias.

My partner and I have done extensive research in this field and have witnessed the transformation & magic of these sessions first hand both on the table as clients and also as guides. If you are interested in booking a session, please send me an email or a message me.

Movement & Meditation (1:1 or Group Sessions Available)

90 minutes - $150 NZD per person
2 Hours - $200 NZD per person
Group Sessions / 90 minutes - $350 NZD (max group of 10)
Group Sessions / 2 hours - $450 NZD (max group of 10)

Movement & Meditation sessions are facilitated either indoors or outdoors at a predetermined location. I can come to your office or home to set up or I have a home studio. The Indoor session consists of Yin Yoga & Guided Meditation. Outdoors sessions consist of a meditative walk through nature, movement & stretching, and guided meditation in nature.

Props are provided. Safety is ensured. I am trauma informed trained as a Yin Yoga & Retreat Facilitator.

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If any or all of these 1:1 offerings resonate with you, we can curate a mentorship programme over the course of 3 to 6 months that will incorporate aspects of all of these sessions along with your own creative writing prompts & self portrait workshop. These mentorship programmes can be beneficial to business growth, personal development, enriching your life, & experiencing more joy, love & appreciation in your day to day. If you are ready for your adventure of the soul, let’s chat and craft a magical journey for you. • 3 months Mentorship Programme: $1500 NZD • 6 months Mentorship Programme: $3000 NZD